All of the strength training fitness equipment I own and use on a daily basis. Resistance training is the key to unlocking your full physical potential. That’s why I use a comprehensive selection of resistance training equipment that will help you reach peak performance.

Whether you’re looking for resistance bands, suspension trainers, pull-up bars, or something else entirely, I’ll show you how to affordably amp up your workout routine. Increase your strength and agility with the best portable resistance training gear!

Resistance Bands

With resistance bands, you can replace dumbells, and perform many of the same exercises. They are great for targeting shoulders, arms, back, chest, and even legs! I use the Lifeline USA Resistance Bands

Pull-up bands

Pull-up bands are used to assist in pull-ups, but they make a great training tool in their own right. You can tie them to a pole, or tree limb, or stand on them for amazing workouts! Most pull-up bands are identical, for the most part, they use the same technology.

Suspension Trainer

One of the best all-in-one bodyweight training tools. With it, you can maximize your calisthenics, and increase the variety of exercises you can do! I personally use the Jungle Gym XT.

Weighted Vest

The best way to make all of your calisthenics harder is for more strength and size. It makes you heavier, therefore, making your push-ups, pull-ups, dips, and lunges heavier! The weighted vest that I purchased is discontinued, but any Highly-Rated Weighted Vest should do fine!

Dip station

The best way to target the lower chest and triceps. Not only that it makes you super strong at handling your body weight and it’s necessary for the harder calisthenics moves.

Pull up bar

A staple in any strength training routine, it’s the ultimate upper-body training device. You can master an array of different hanging exercises other than pull-ups from it also! I use the Ultimate Bodypress Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar!

Final Thoughts

Resistance training with portable workout equipment like resistance bands and suspension trainers is an efficient way to increase overall strength, improve balance and stability, and add variety to your regular workout routine.

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional athlete, these tools are easy to use and can be tailored to meet any fitness goal. Shop from Kurtastarita.com’s selection of top-quality, affordable portable workout equipment today and unlock your potential!