My Top 10 Calisthenic Exercises To Start With

My Top 10 Calisthenic Exercises To Start With

I’ll share with you some of my favorite video tutorials, on the subject. These are my top 10 calisthenic exercises to start with, performed by some bros who have helped me out through the years. I’ve used these videos to improve my skills PERSONALLY and now i want you to use them too. Let’s get started!

1. Push-Ups

The main chest builder from which all other push-ups stem. The standard push-up is still the number one chest-building calisthenic exercise on the planet. You can also do them at an incline or a decline. Decline push-ups hit the upper chest and incline push-ups hit the lower chest.

2. Pull-ups

Pull-ups are the best exercises for overall back development, especially the lats. It’s a difficult exercise by nature, so for beginners, try the easier variations. There are negative reps assisted with a chair. There are also pull-up assist bands to make them easier. However you decide to do pull-ups, just do’em!

3. Suspension Trainer Rows

Suspension trainer rows are another great back builder and hit more of the middle and upper back. You attach the suspension trainer to an overhead anchor point like a bar and lean back. These are great and the further you lean back the harder they get. At first try at a 45-degree angle, then if you can, try them completely horizontally.

4. Dips

Dips are both a chest exercise and a tricep exercise, and it all depends on whether you lean forward more or stay more upright. The leaning forward variation hits more chest, and the upright variation hit more triceps. use this exercise to build up your lower chest and triceps.

5. Pike Push-Ups

There are not too many bodyweight calisthenic exercises, pike push-ups are the best. You can make them harder by putting your feet up on a bench or chair while doing them. They are very effective at targeting the upper traps, and delts, similar to the military press.

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6. Suspension Trainer Bicep Curls

The best bicep isolation exercise requires only a suspension trainer and your body weight. This is a bicep isolation exercise where you curl straight to your forehead.

7. Hanging Leg/Knee Raises

One of the best core exercises for strengthening the abdominals and hip flexors. You can keep your legs straight or bend your knees to make it easier. It also targets your grip and some of the stabilizer muscles in the scapula.

8. Back Extensions

A great core exercise that targets the lower and middle back mainly and the glutes, and hamstrings. If you have lower back pain this is a great exercise to alleviate it. Back extensions also strengthen other lifting exercises like the squat and deadlift if ever plan to do them.

9. Lunges

One of the best bodyweight leg exercises you can do is lunges. It puts all your body weight on one leg and It targets the quads and glutes. The offset nature of the exercise will strengthen stabilizer muscles in the hip and ankles which help to improve balance. This exercise mimics the natural walking motion. There are many types of lunges and they are all better than bodyweight squats.

10. Single Leg Calf Raises

Single-leg calf raises are the best but all variations of the calf raise are valid. Do not neglect your calves, because if they are puny the girls will notice. There are different ways to do the calf raise. You can lean forward into a wall, or stand upright and hold on to a chair. Also, try adding an elevated surface so you can get more of a stretch at the bottom of the raise.


Thank you for making it this far, and I hope my top 10 calisthenic exercises helped you! I’ve literally given you all of the exercises you need to build a well-rounded physic. Well at least for now you have the foundational exercises to build a strong body using only your body weight. If this helped you please leave a comment below.

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