mRNA food In Grocery Stores Near You!

mRNA Food In Grocery Stores Near You! Eat the Covid-19 Poison Shot!

mRNA Food In Grocery Stores Near You!

I thought to myself if they try to create mRNA food, I’m going to lose it! Well, guess what? One organization named Medicago has been working on mRNA technology for plant-based foods. As for the injection, apparently, many major farmers said they WILL inject their livestock with the mRNA Covi-19 clot shot! Really? Below I’ve listed many videos, WATCH THEM ALL!

They Are Genetically Modifying Our Food To Contain VACCINES!

I need you to understand that these clots were ONLY showing up in the vaccinated, however, they’ve been finding them in the unvaxed in recent events. They’ve found ribbon-like structures in the meat tested from our grocery stores.

The same ribbon-like structures were ALSO found in the blood of the vaccinated. They plan to modify bananas, potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce, wheat, rice, soy, corn, cattle, pigs, and many more. Watch the video.

Tom Renz

Your New mRNA Diet Plan Is Here

The vaccine rollout was a failure! The number of people getting the jab and the boosters aren’t up to globalist standards. So now they are going to FORCE you to eat the mRNA gene therapy. It’s not a Vaccine… it’s gene therapy. A vaccine is a live or dead virus suspended in a sterile solution. The mRNA shot uses the spike protein and it alters your GENES at the cellular level! WATCH THE VID!

The Insane Health Benefits Of Pasture Raised Meat And Hot To Save The Environment

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in the health benefits of pasture raised meat. Pasture-raised meat comes from animals that are allowed


Regenerative Farming

Some Farmers Are Resisting the VAX To Their Livestock

Thousand Hills Liftime Grazed Farm has taken a stance against the mRNA shot. I’m sure many others will too. The only way we will avoid mRNA is to buy meat from certified pasture-raised farmers in the US and grow our own food. We must also expose this because it’s part of the New World Order. Watch The Video!

mRNA Food In Grocery Stores Near You!

Its A Depopulation Scheme

And we are all on the list. But it seems they are targeting RED states more than BLUE states. They apparently have soft-kill batches and hard-kill batches. Watch the video. Watch the video!

The mRNA Covid-19 Shot Is Causing Deadly Fiberous CLOTS!

In this documentary, you will get an extensive look at the clots formed after an autopsy. I’m warning you some of the scenes in this video are a little graphic. The autopsies do not lie nor do the doctors, perform them. You will see for yourself just how deadly these clots are. Watch The Video!

Other Resources

Here are some other resources on the covid-19 agenda all coming out. And I hope you take the time to research these articles.



It’s time to wake up, we are under attack by an out-of-control globalist elite. I’ve exposed the covid-19 clot shot and will expand this post when I find more. I want you all to take care of yourselves and be healthy, I love helping people and I can stand that we have such dark forces attacking us. Make sure to check out and Alex Jones is a patriot and has been fighting the globalists for over 2 decades! Let’s save humanity together, I love you and appreciate you. Stay informed and do not trust the mainstream media or the government!

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