My Lectin Free Diet Plan

Kurt here with my lectin free diet plan. It’s easy to adjust it to your needs because I don’t do strict calorie counting. most of my nutrition is principle-based. I’m not trying to be a fitness model, and I don’t need to be the leanest guy. Strength and performance are primary goals and looks are secondary for me.

Learn More About Lectins And Why I Avoid Them:  link here

My Lectin Free Diet Plan Explained

Description: If you need a huge list of lectin free foods its there, but below I’ve listed some of my favorites.

Staple Proteins

Lectin Free Diet Plan - steak

Description: My top proteins for building muscle. The most important building block of muscles and many other tissues in the body. Meat contains all the essential amino acids needed for growth.

  1. Red Meat (Ground Beef, Steak, Roasts)
  2. High Omega 3 Fish (Salmon, Sardines, Mackerel, Hering)
  3. Eggs
  4. Dairy

Staple Starchy Carbs

Lectin Free Diet Plan - sweet potatoes

Description: Starch provides energy and is a driving force of the protein you consume. Carbs help to drive lost glycogen into the muscle to help it recover faster from strenuous workouts and help the muscle to grow larger in size.

  1. Rice
  2. Sweet Potatoes
  3. Sour Dough Bread

Staple Sweet Carbs

Lectin Free Diet Plan - oranges

Description: These are your fruits. They are good for stimulating the liver, boosting energy, and over health.

  1. Oranges
  2. Apples
  3. Pineapple
  4. Grapes
  5. Bananas
  6. Berries

Staple Fibrous Carbs

Lectin Free Diet Plan - asparagus

Description: These are veggies that add lots of nutritional value to your meals, they are low in calories and carbohydrates and high in fiber.

  1. Asparagus
  2. Broccoli
  3. Brussel Sprouts
  4. Greenbeans
  5. Leafy Greens (Kale, Spinach, Swiss Chard, Collard greens)

Staple Fats

Lectin Free Diet Plan - olive oil

Description: Some of the healthiest fats you can eat. Fats are important for hormone regulation and protecting our organs. We need fat It just all depends on where it comes from.

  1. Animal Fats
  2. Olive Oil
  3. Coconut oil
  4. Avocados


Description: check out this list of my favorite muscle-building meals. I will add new meals to this list and how to prepare them in the kitchen.

  1. Red Meat & Rice with Spinach
  2. Salmon, Sweet Potato & Green Veggie
  3. Eggs Overeasy With Toast And Fruit
  4. Scrambled eggs & Oats With Fruit
  5. Steak, Baked Potato & Greens
  6. Burger and home fries, with a pickle

Meal Schedule

Description: For simplicity when you build a bodybuilding nutrition plan, you will be eating a lot of the same foods. Often bodybuilders will plan a series of meals for the entire week. Each week you can change your meals so that you don’t get sick of the same thing. However, keep in mind you will be eating the same thing for a whole week.

  1. Monday – Sunday (one week)
    • Meal 1 – 4 eggs over easy with toast, and fruit
    • Meal 2 – Salmon, sweet potato, and a green veggie
    • Meal 3 – Red meat and rice with spinach
    • Meal 4 – Red meat and rice with spinach

Each week change up your meals, so you enjoy your food.

How to Implement the Lectin Free Diet Plan Step-By-Step

Description: Sometimes its easier said than done, structure is key. Here you can

1) Plan Your Meals

Figure out what you are going to eat for the week, stick to a theme. If you are following make sure it meets your nutritional needs. Keep it healthy and be careful of excess oils, since many recipes call for oil. Make a grocery list based on the recipes you want to follow. Then buy all your food for the week.

3) Keep It Simple

Some meals can be simple and delicious, you don’t have to be a chef to cook simple healthy meals. Use spice blends, sauces, and condemns to add flavor to your meals.

2) Use Batch Cooking Techniques

Cook a lot of food at once, then store it in microwavable food containers. Cook your meat separately from your starch. This way you can control your proteins and carbs.

3) Adjust Your Macros To Meet Your Fitness Goals

If you want to build muscle and you are ok with a slight weight gain, boots your carbs. If you want to lose fat cut much of your carbs, and boost your fats and proteins. A more ketogenic diet will help to boost your fat burning and still heal to maintain muscle.

Conclusion: I hope you liked my nutrition plan, I use these concepts every day. I gave you a list of my top foods. I shared some of my favorite recipes. I also showed you how I prepare each meal for the day.

If you have any questions I’d like to hear what you have to say in a comment below.

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