Killer Home Workout For Upper Body

Do want a unique new and effective Home Workout For Upper Body? Great, I got you! So, I personally built this workout for maximal upper body strength. It’s a powerful hybrid routine that combines calisthenics and resistance band training for superior results!

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My Inspiration for this workout manifested out of pure desperation! Built from the ground up around convenience for me because of my busy work schedule. I couldn’t make it to the gym, so I built one in my house. After that, I designed short but intense workouts for massive gains.

Boom, Let get right into it!

My Home Workout For Upper Body Summarised

Important: Complete as many rounds as you need at your current fitness level. I did 4-rounds, round-1 was a warm-up, then 3 main-rounds. I progressively made rounds 2-4 harder by adding the vest and resistance bands. Round 4 was the only round I went till failure, (or total muscular exhaustion).

  1. Push-ups
  2. Standard Rows
  3. Arnold Presses
  4. Pull-ups
  5. Dips
  6. Towel Rows
  7. Single Band Press (both sides)
  8. Chin-ups

The Full Workout On Video

The video was recorded live and is missing content. Somehow I lost 1-hr of broadcast 🙁

I’ll record a higher quality one once I work the bugs out, lol. Squish SQUISH!!!

How I Do Push-Ups With My Push-Up Handles

Push-Ups – one of the most basic calisthenics exercises known to man, with many variations. There are so many different types of push-ups, that range from beginner, intermediate, to advanced.

Here are a few; typewriter push-ups, military push-ups, on-arm push-ups, decline push-ups, incline push-ups, diamond push-ups, spiderman push-ups, clap push-ups, pause push-ups, and many others.

Here’s How I Do Push-Ups

Home Workout For Upper Body - Push ups

How I Do Back Rows From a Suspension Trainer

Back Rows – rows are one of my favorite back exercises, they are a great way for beginners to build strength for pull-ups which are inherently harder.

I particularly enjoy weighted towel rows. Oh, here are a few more; close grip rows, wide grip rows, and one-arm rows.

Here’s How I Do Back Rows

Home Workout For Upper Body - back rows

How I Do Arnold Presses With Bands

Arnold Presses – this is one of my favorite shoulder exercises, I feel that it’s a great complementary exercise to the standard shoulder press, and helps to strengthen the transition from front press to standard press.

In other words, you are strengthening the shoulder and rotator cuff through a greater range of motion. This, in turn, strengthens all the other shoulder movements. It also helps to prevent/manage rotator cuff injuries.

Here’s How I Do Arnold Presses

Home Workout For Upper Body - arnold presses

How I Do Pull-Ups From My Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar

Pull-Ups – one of the most complete back-building exercises in existence! It’s a great compound exercise that improves posture and supports the spine and scapula. Aesthetically if you want that V-shape wide-back look this is the best exercise to do.

Here’s How I Do Pull-Ups

Home Workout For Upper Body - Pull-ups

How I Do Dips On My Dip Station

Dips – target the chest, triceps, and also stabilizer muscles in the scapula. Dips can be more chest-centric or tricep-centric, it all depends on your form. To hit triceps more bring your dip bars close to your sides and lean back a little more.

Here’s How I do Dips

Home Workout For Upper Body - Dips

How I do The Single Band Arnold Press

Single-band shoulder presses – this exercise is really great for real-world strength. The offset of the weight pulling you to one side forces you to stabilize with your core.

I’ve gained a lot of strength and extra stability in my back from doing these. My shoulders have seen great benefits as well.

Here’s How I Do Delt Flys

Home Workout For Upper Body - Arnold Presses

How I do Towel Rows From My Suspension Trainer

Towel Rows – Not just a back builder, it’s a grip builder too! Your back, hands, and forearms super pumped from this. If you are a beginner in grip training then your hands may fatigue quicker than your back, at least until your hands adapt to holding the towel under this level of tension.

You don’t have to go as low as me, but you want to challenge your self and eventually, you should be able to go fully horizontal, and even add extra weight.

Here’s How I Do Towel Rows

Home Workout For Upper Body - towel rows

How I Do Chin-Ups On Fat Grips

Chin-ups – a great back builder but did you forget they target arms too? Chin-ups are great at targeting the lats, upper back, biceps, and forearms. To get more of a forearm workout I like to add fat grips to my bar.

Here are some bonus chin-ups like; towel chin-ups, around the world, single-arm pull-ups, weighted chin-ups, and more.

Here’s How I Do Chin-ups

Home Workout For Upper Body - chin-ups


I just gave you my go-to home workout for upper body, which consists of 8 different exercises. I do Push-ups, Standard Rows, Arnold Presses, Pull-ups, Dips, Towel Rows, Single Band Press (both sides), Chin-ups which I demonstrate step by step.

If you Like this routine or have any suggestions let me know what you think in a comment below.

I appreciate you and I believe in you! You got this! Now go get it!

-Kurt Astarita

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Raúl Martinez
Raúl Martinez
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Amazing workout!!!!

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