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About Kurt Astarita - Now


I study the area of strength, which is not always muscular in nature, but in many cases it is. Muscle size isn’t everything and I focus on the density and strength of the muscle, tendons, and bones more so than the size of the muscle.

Hello, Kurt Astarita here welcome to my about page. Born and raised In Maryland, red-blooded and conservative in nature. I believe in traditional values, God, Jesus, and the constitution of the United States. One of my favorite toons as a child was Dragon Ball Z.

So through some inspiration, I received from Kakarot, “Im In Pursuit To Become The Strongest, like Goku”.

First off, understand my mindset. I believe that forces of evil control our world and reality. Goku fought evil. We must also fight evil. It exists! It’s easy to live in a bubble and ignore the truth. It’s also easy to be lured in and corrupted, to work for them. But I’m asking you to “wake up” and remove the blindfold! Do it for your soul, freedom, health, love, life, and the good people of this world.

Because the world is rapidly changing and we will need warriors for gods plan. Don’t allow the devil to influence you.

In this blog, I focus a lot on physical fitness, but as a secondary, I will explore the nature of this reality we live in. We are not our body we are our soul. I had to go through many trials and tribulations to unlock my true strength, and I’m still getting stronger. Keep working because when you are not, I am, and I will surpass you. Or, I will bring you along for the ride. Hope you can keep up!

I’m on a mission to help you unlock your true strength in fitness, yes! But it’s deeper than that. You must become a leader, you must have a good moral compass, and you must be fearless!

I appreciate Andrew Tate, so, In this blog, I will document my journey into the world of strength and fitness training in various forms. And hopefully, I will awaken you to how the world really works along the way. like I said It’s deeper than just becoming physically strong!

I will use calisthenics, weight training, resistance bands, and strongman-type training. I will also explore the world of arm wrestling since it has been a huge passion of mine. That means arm wrestling training, which I’ve been doing for years now. This type of training requires huge static lifts, isometrics, and bone-breaking angles, to get good at.

The journey does not end there, I have acquired so much knowledge thus far that could help you in the area of health & nutrition. I will share the healthiest foods and recipes for better health and more gains.

Again, it does not end there. I do a lot of technical work on this site and my social media so if you are looking to build a business and brand online I can help with that too. I know how to monetize everything so that you can earn an income from all of your work. For now, I am the genie pig so let’s begin the experiment.

And lastly. You will awaken to the truth of the real leader inside you! You were suppressed by the media, by schools, by your peers, and by misinformation believed to be true. I will empower you to become a great positive influence for change in the world today. We need creators, and warriors of truth!

With all that said Life has not been easy for me,” it’s been no walk in the park” if you want to know my struggle keep reading.

The Longer Story

“The World Is My Gym”

That’s a philosophy that I live by, it represents zero limitations and the ability to work out anywhere in any situation. When i was homeless living in my car for a year, I would train at parks & at the gym (where I could also get a shower!).

Before I was homeless, when I was at home and working 70 Hours per week in a factory, I built a home gym and trained using THAT! I didn’t have time to go to a traditional gym!

So I have a lot of experience through pain and struggle, I know what the F* I’m talkin’ about.

“The World Is My Gym”

It’s a philosophy that I stand by, and will say, till the day I die!

Here is a bit of a backstory, of how it all started.

70-Hour Work Weeks And My Home Gym (Before Homelessness)

With a busy factory job, I needed a convenient way to stay healthy and strong (because i have a dream to achieve). The only way I could make it possible was to build a home gym.

About Kurt Astarita - Before Homelessness

So, I decided to build a home gym that was compact and affordable. It consisted of bodyweight training equipment and resistance bands. I didn’t have a gym membership at this time, for obvious reasons.

So most of the time I just stuck to the basics; such as Pull-ups, push-ups, dips, lunges, squats, and calf raises.

I incorporated many variations of these core exercises for added variety and increased difficulty. Exercises like; Pike-push-ups, towel chin-ups, weighted dips, weighted resistance band squats, and single-leg weighted calf raises.

I had resistance bands and a suspension trainer (which I still have and use) for exercises like; rows, curls, shoulder presses, and more!

There are so many more exercise tactics I could share. But for simplicity’s sake, I keep it practical, I keep it convenient, and most importantly I keep it challenging! If you are just knee-jerking your way through your workouts you’ll never get SICK results!

I Started Building My Website But Hard Times Were Ahead…

I began building the tutorials and the content, but I had only so much time in the day, for work, training, and my website. It was hard to balance it all.

About Kurt Astarita - Dips Tutorial

Sometime back in 2021…

I will be straight honest with you, be careful what you do and say to your co-workers especially online. It’s even more crucial not to msg something to them that you can’t take back! They could use it against you! Think about what I’m telling you. It may seem like common sense, but I made THAT mistake. So, some things went down with me and a co-worker in Instagram and they had saved some incriminating msgs that I sent and spread them around the workplace. They were embarrassing and shameful.

It created even more drama for me when those msgs made their way to management. I didn’t get fired but I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I abandoned the ship! I quit and had already set up Doordash as an alternative income. But that wasn’t enough to accommodate the 70 weeks and double-time pay I used to get!

Behind on rent, my mother, my father, and my sister had to leave. We were around $4000 behind on rent, and my parents were at the end of their ropes with each other. There was a lot of household drama (not just from what I did). My mom and sister went off on their own, then me and my dad went off on our own!

Homeless, Workouts, And How Doordash Got Me Off The Street

About Kurt Astarita - Homeless In Winter
Me Homeless Living In the Car
– Winter Was Cold, Brrr

So dad and I moved into my car. My sister and my mom moved into a small town home because they both had verifiable incomes. At the time my dad had no verifiable income, and I was the only one Doordashing.

We slept at Wawa’s, Parks, Rofo’s, and Walmart parking lots for an entire year! Long story short we were able to go our separate ways, he lives with his brother now and I stay with mom and sis.

At that time Doordash saved both of our lives, and I highly recommend it as a side hustle. I Dashed and made enough money to move in with my sister and mom and pay my way.

It can bring loads of extra cash to the table, whether you work full-time or part-time. I especially love how you can control your own hours.

Although I’m not homeless anymore, I’m still not where I want to be in life. I still Dash today for extra income, and since I have really high ratings and THOUSANDS of deliveries under my belt. It will always be a great side hustle for me!

But while we were homeless, I would use some of the money I got to eat halfway decent so that I could train and still build muscle.

Don’t get me wrong I ate as cheap and as healthy as I could afford. My dad was able to earn his way doing small jobs for extra cash! We slept with the seats reclined and had all of our luggage and food in the trunk and back seat.

We had to go to the laundry mat to wash clothes and take showers in the gym.

I was grateful that we didn’t have to beg on the side of the street for pennies!

On gym training days we both did Calisthenics but we also incorporated free weights and machines. And on park workout days we utilized our surroundings, park stuff such as; monkey bars, parallel bars, poles, picnic tables, trees, big ass rocks, and a huge fresh-cut log we found.

It was a unique experience that I wouldn’t trade for the world. We even made friends with a baby squirrel and we named him Peacan because it was his favorite food. We raise him till he was strong enough to go back into the wild because he had lost his mother somehow.

About Kurt Astarita - Pecan the squirrel
My dad holding Peacan

Although it was difficult for me and my dad, we made a friend, and we both became stronger people.

About Kurt Astarita - Me with peacan
Me laying with Peacan

Summing it all up…

So where do I go from here? Today, I work online and still do Doordash. Currently, I do affiliate marketing and some freelance writing. I still do Doordash and live with my sister and mom. I’m saving money and, there will be a time in the near future when I will buy my own place. If you can relate in some way or resonate with me please share a thought below and share this post!

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